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How to assign within a loop

You probably heard that you shouldn’t use loops in R a thousand times by now, but there are some times you can’t avoid it. I recently had to implement a loop to generate a new variable in a dataset; the problem, how do I create the new variable and then... [Read More]

Blog Theme Updated

I just updated my blog theme to Beautiful Jekyll, this is a ready-to-use template to help you create an awesome website quickly. Perfect for personal blogs or simple project websites. Check out a demo of what you’ll get after just minutes or look at the developer’s personal website... [Read More]

Drawing DAGs with R

Directed acyclic diagrams (DAG) with R In preparation for my comprehensive exam I have been looking for easy and fast ways to draw causal diagrams. In LaTeX this can be achieved with some effort using the TikZ package, some examples are this and this. I am planning... [Read More]

How to use Markdown and Pandoc in Sublime Text 3

A follow up on “How to: Achieve a text-only work-flow” In the previous post I described the minimum requirements to be able to achieve a text-only workflow using Markdown and Pandoc. I mentioned that there is a “Super easy setup” option using Rstudio as your... [Read More]

How to: Achieve a text-only work-flow, for academics

Why text-only? Believe me, there are many reasons to write your manuscripts in text-only files, but perhaps you haven’t thought about it too much. It is perennial: maybe you are young and you didn’t experience the joy of writing in Wordstar, Wordperfect or Lotus WordPro, but believe me,... [Read More]

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