Exploratory Desktop: your door to the Hadleyverse

Yesterday I found Exploratory Desktop, and it’s awesome. It’s only OSX compatible right now, but Windows and Linux will be available eventually. Exploratory Desktop it’s a User Interface (UI) for R and the very popular, Hadley Wickham’s package dplyr, which is not a surprise since the developer also runs the learn dplyr blog.

After finding a post in google+ I visited Exploratory website and signed up for the beta. The installation process was painless and after using the software for a day without any issues I think the product looks production ready.

This app will be useful to you whether you are an experienced user or a newcomer to either R and/or dplyr. It’s focus is to quickly load, explore, clean and export your data.

You start by creating a project, for each project you can have multiple data sources. For each data frame you will be presented a command input cell, a list of data wrangling steps, and three tabs: Summary, a screen with descriptives such as a histogram, average, median and proportion of missing values for all your variables; Table, your current data in tabular form; and Chart, a basic chart generation tool.

You can see it working in the following video:

Exploratory Desktop Introduction from Kan Nishida on Vimeo.

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