Integrate your text editor with Stata

How to integrate your text editor with Stata

I’ve been using Stata for almost a year now and I like it a lot, but the integrated do-file editor is somehow limited; also, I love the advanced features that text editors have to offer (multiple cursors, block selection, regex search/replace, etc), and of course the possibility of using my text editor to do other things like run R code or compile documents written in Latex or Markdown.

Choose a text editor

I will be focusing on Sublime Text (free and cross-platform) and Notepad++ (free and open-source, Windows only) but there is plenty of alternatives.


Download and install Notepad: note that these instructions are for Windows only.

Enable Stata syntax-highlighting: go to the user defined languages page, look for ‘Stata’ and download the corresponding xml file, save it in your downloads folder. Open Notepad++ and in the Language menu select Define your language, then press the Import button, select your source file and you are done.
(Update: the provided link is not working, but you can get a copy here).

Install and configure Rundolines: for this implementation we will be using a small program called rundolines, you can find the program and general instructions on how to install it in Friedrich Huebler’s page

The short version is:

  • Download the program from here (Update: you will need another version for Stata 14, check Friedrich’s page)
  • Unzip it in your ADO personal directory (usualy C:\ado\personal )
  • Edit the the INI files:
    stata "C:\Program Files\Stata13\StataSE.exe" should match your path
    statawin "Stata/SE 13.1" should match your version

In my experience this is enough to make it work with Stata 12 and 13, but some other options are available and may be needed to make the script work properly, visit the developer page to explore those options.

‘Connect’ Notepad++ with rundolines: in Notepad++ go to the Run menu and select run, browse to where you saved rudolines.exe and select it. You have to add quotes to the path, so before clicking save it should look like "C:\ado\personal\rundolines.exe".
Once you save it you can assign a name and shortcut, avoid combinations with CTRL or SHIFT (F9 is recommended by the developer).

Sublime Text

Download and install Sublime Text: select and download the binaries that correspond to your operating system in the download page.

Install package control: go to this page and proceed with the installation as instructed.

Install and configure Stata Enhanced package: once package control has been installed you can invoke the command prompt by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows) or Command + Shift + P in OS X, start writing ‘install’ and Select Package Control: Install Package from the list. Search ‘Stata Enhanced’ and press Enter.
If your version of Stata is Stata 13/SE you don’t need any additional steps, if it’s not your case just go to the Stata Enhanced page and follow the instructions for your operating system.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

My 2 cents

Notepad++ may be easier to use and personalize; however, I prefer Sublime text, I think it looks better and the overall experience feels more polished, plus I can use it in OS X, Windows, and Linux (to some extent).


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